About Us

Since 2004, ClipBlast! has been building the Web’s largest video search index and pioneering patent-pending technologies to enable the highest quality web video search and guide experience.

ClipBlast! technology enables people to search and watch all the video available on the Web. ClipBlast!’s patent-pending processes continuosly crawl the Web of video, making it easy for users and content providers to find one another. We extract, gather, organize, store and index metadata associated with each clip — and provide a simple and smart interface to search, watch, share and save the most relevant video available from across the Web, in real-time and on demand.

Our fast, easy interface gives users instant access to millions of hours of quality, highly relevant, targeted video from the world’s major media brands, independent producers, news organizations, publishers, vloggers and individuals. Through ClipBlast technology, users can search for video from within a portal, single site, vlog, or on for video across the entire web – the fastest growing video distribution platform ever.

ClipBlast! offers video providers that host their own video content free video indexing and downloadable video search tool – useful in quickly implementing video site search and monetizing that content. ClipBlast! also offers video content owners back-end video search technology that organizes video libraries, which enables content to be monetized. Like Google and other traditional search engines, ClipBlast! helps provide content owners and advertisers with significant revenue opportunities by delivering active, targeted and video-viewing audiences.